Talking Towers

Following a year of social distancing and WFH, the BT +1 Movement aimed to beat loneliness by encouraging people to add someone they care about back into their lives via a video call, a message, or a DM.

To demonstrate how the campaign worked on a big scale, I decided to give the BT Tower a voice. Because when visitor numbers are down, global landmarks are no exception to feeling lonely either!

The tower broadcast messages to friends around the world, which were captured and sent to each building's official Twitter account. Connections were made with over 30 global landmarks - from Tokyo Tower to the Statue of Liberty - sparking a series of fun interactions between icons. As a result, the +1 Movement caught the attention of a wide audience of Twitter users, who watched on in delight whilst long-lost landmarks had a laugh.

Client: BT
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Responsibility: Creative concept, copywriting.