WhiskyEmoji Serving Suggestions

The world already had emojis for beer, wine and cocktails - but nothing for the whisky lovers. So Ballantine's petitioned for one, and two years later it was released as part of Unicode 9.0

To celebrate this fact and remind people that Ballantine's was behind it, we created serving suggestions.

Everyone loves combining emojis to communicate - but what happens when you add the whisky emoji into the mix? For one special day we teamed up with a pair of illustrators to show you...

By simply tweeting #WhiskyEmoji + (any emoji you like!), an illustrator took your combo and created a custom illustrated response. Each artwork was filmed, turned into a GIF and sent back to you as a serving suggestion. And yes - we even had one for the aubergine!


Over 100 unique serving suggestions were made, Ballantine's channels all over the world adopted the idea and twitter called it one of their top 10 creative wins for August.

Responsibility: Creative, Art Direction, Design
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