Smashing Christmas

Smashing Christmas

First Direct wanted to say a special Christmas thank you to their customers for a great year.

But being 'the unexpected bank' meant that this wasn’t your average ‘Merry Christmas’ message. Instead, we went one better and gave customers a Smashing Christmas.

To do this, we invited customers to take part in a series of live smashathons. A range of festive piñatas was made containing mystery prizes - all they had to do was choose a Christmas character to give it a whack on their behalf. Introducing our festive heros... Widow Banky vs The Kitty.

Players were selected at random from the comments and if their chosen whacker smashed the piñata on their go - they kept the prize inside.

(As a bonus surprise - we even sent mini piñatas in the post to customers who had a go but didn’t win.)

The result

We smashed it! Over 6 live streams we ended up destroying 15 pinatas and first direct customers had a smashing time playing. There were over 23,000 comments across the streams and a huge amount of love for the bank.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 9.49.41 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-02 at 9.49.41 PM

Client: First Direct
Responsibility: Creative concept, Art Direction