Drawn On Real Life
Bi-annual project

Every single day of the year I observe, experience and document stories on the spot, from the mundane to the magnificent. Using reportage illustration, I capture the attitudes, opinions and atmosphere of everyday life. Each image is added to a daily blog and instagram. The drawings vary in scale, time taken to complete and materials used. From a one-minute scribble on a receipt showing the bus journey home from work; to a busy bar scene drawn onto a bottle; to London landscapes taking over an hour. The way each drawing is drawn - what they are drawn with, what they are drawn on, what they depict – tells its own unique story; this project recalls not how history remembers life, but how we live it.

Years documented so far: 2014 / 2016 / 2018 (that's 1096 images and counting...)

'Artist captures a year of London in daily illustrations' The Metro

'Plenty of Instagrammers take a daily snap of their London lives. Tim King went one better' The Londonist

'Tim King is doing an “A Drawing a Day” project to trump all others!' It's Nice That

'...an incredible visual representation of 2016' Time Out

'Already forgotten what happened last year? Let Tim King’s incredible drawings jog your memory' London Evening Standard