A drawing a day: 2014

Every day in 2014 I made time to observe, experience and draw everyday situations from life, from the mundane to the magnificent. I uploaded each image to a daily blog. These drawings vary in scale, time taken to complete and materials used. From a one-minute scribble on a receipt showing the bus journey home from work; to a busy bar scene drawn onto a bottle; to London landscapes taking over an hour. The way each drawing is drawn - what they are drawn with, what they are drawn on, what they depict – tells its own unique story; all part of my unique visual narrative exploration of daily life as seen through the eyes of a young Londoner.

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Awards: Shortlisted for the 2015 Reportager Award
Featured in: It'sNiceThat / The Metro / 1000 Londoners / Inspire Me With / Design Taxi