Every other year, I draw everyday of the year. (Since 2014)

History books and news archives record life's big stories and breakthroughs. But how can we remeber what it feels on an everyday level?

In this bi-annual project I observe, experience and draw everyday situations on the spot, from the mundane to the magnificent. Using reportage illustration I want to capture the attitudes, opinions and atmosphere of daily life. Each picture gets uploaded to a daily blog and instagram. The drawings vary in scale, time taken to complete and materials used. From a one-minute scribble on a receipt showing the bus journey home from work; to a busy bar scene drawn onto a bottle; to London landscapes taking over an hour. The way each drawing is drawn - what they are drawn with, what they are drawn on, what they depict – tells its own unique story; this project recalls not how history remembers life, but how we live it.

The first year I recorded was 2014 and I then captured the story of 2016. A successfull Kickstarter campaign led to 2016 being turned into a book.

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Awards: Shortlisted for the 2015 Reportager Award
Press: It'sNiceThat / The Metro / 1000 Londoners / Inspire Me With / Design Taxi / The Londonist / The Metro / Time Out / London Evening Standard / Don't Panic / Made in Brockley / ITV London News / ITV online - story 1, story 2